Victoria Bekham Spring & Summer 2019

Ten years after launching the brand, this year Victoria Bekham showcased her first ever runway collection and we couldn’t be more excited for it. The once pop-star turned designer may not have gone to fashion school – but she definitely grew to be one of the most famous British designers of the generation; and of course, not without good reason.


The collection presented was cohesive as well as diverse. Pairing lace with formal wear, bright hued clothes – her collection spoke of Summer and everything one can easily associate with it, without being too flashy about it. With styles that are both fun and summerlike to workwear that is sophisticated and smart, Bekham’s collection has nothing trashy. A couple of sensibly bold designs, some peek-a-boo panels in the clothes and a phenomenal use of materials in repeat have all made this collection something aspirational, yet attainable.


All said and done, it is hard to imagine one girl wearing all of those clothes. Yet, the collection surely has something for every member of a girl gang – so we may not have a “VB girl” but we can all be VB girls of some sort.


Overall Impression – 7/10

Favourite Pieces – White Lace Shirt with Formals; all the Black Pieces; Gowns


That’s about it from our end for this one, folks! We are eager to know what you think, so feel free to let us know!


Here is the link to the video of this collection – and we’ll catch you in the next one!


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Burberry Spring & Summer 2019

With their new designer showcasing their personal first collection for Burberry this year, the Spring Summer Collection of the brand showcased at the London Fashion Week shows significant progress for the brand in terms of both – style and styling. Though there were some very “un-Burberry” like pieces in the collection, the contribution of the fresh perspectives in the company seems to fuse well with the legacy of the brand and thereby, deliver a cohesive collection, given the circumstances.


While all the beige pieces in the women’s collection were to die for, the hints of metallic shades were an unforeseen surprise that caught spectators off-guard. Polka dots and fringes seemed to earn a slight frown with the older audience who usually rely on Burberry for a more “Classique” approach to things.


That said, the collection had very good variety (albeit some are of the opinion that there were too many coats for a spring summer collection) but we would have liked to see more were their accessories. With some highly functional pieces for both men and women, the collection struck a great balance between casual and formal garments. However, in a lot of pieces, they were a hit or miss – they have no pieces that are in-betweeners.


In all, with checks and graphics, polka dots and camouflage, pastels and fringe, panels and stripes – not to mention the basics, Burberry this year has shown us that even a more traditional brand can sometimes have fun. The changes in the company and their collection thereby are bold new moves for the brand – and only time will tell if it will work in their favour.


Overall Impression – 7.5/10

Favourite Pieces – Beige Women Workwear; Horizontally buttoned Men’s blazer; the Burberry twist to the LBD; ALL the new bags

That’s about it from our end for this one, folks! We are eager to know what you think, so feel free to let us know!


Here is the link to the video of this collection – and we’ll catch you in the next one!



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Women’s Perfumes worth trying

Hey Hey Hey!

After the previous post titled ‘Men’s Perfumes Worth Trying’, a lot of people wrote back to me saying that they liked the post, and that they wanted something similar among women’s perfumes.

So without further ado, here we go:


  1. Ralph Lauren – Polo Blue for Womenpolo-blue-women

    Jasmine flowers meet honey and maybe something a little musky? That’s RL’s Polo Blue for Women for you. A perfume that makes you remember soft, warm, happy memories, it was rather sad that the company decided to withdraw the scent. You can, however, still get similar scents if you search online!
  2. Versace – Bright Crystal
    Sometimes, you just take a whiff of a scent and no matter where you are, you get transported into another world altogether. For me, one such perfume is Versace’s Bright Crystal. It reminds me of a very powerful, strong woman’s approach, rather than that of a delicate darling. A must try, especially on days when you feel like the go-getter you are! 🙂
  3. Michael Kors – Rose Radiant Gold & Sexy Amber 

    Have I ever told you of my slight (and by that I mean Complete!!) obsession for all things Michael Kors, it just proves that my attempts at getting over the awesomeness of the brand, have been commendable. But now that I am telling you about it, these scents Definitely deserve to be checked out, the very next time when you have the chance!
    If I were to describe the scent to you, I’d call the Rose Radiant Gold a borderline delicate scent – something that you’d wear to the wedding of the classmate who was probably mean to you all through high-school. That is to say, the scent is delicate where it needs to be – but it certainly has its Powerful undertones that says “no nonsense accepted here” 😀
    MK Sexy Amber.jpg
    As for Sexy Amber, I am yet to smell a perfume that has the perfect balance of musk and amber – but OH GODS! This one comes Very very close to what I imagine to be the perfect blend of sweetness and woody-elements. If I didn’t love trying perfumes so much and needed to settle down with 3 perfumes only, this would Definitely be one of them.

  4. United Colours of Benetton – Paradisouob-paradiso 

    Another classic scent that makes you go all starry eyed, I was genuinely heart-broken when UOB decided to withdraw this perfume. This was the Ultimate blend of flowery, fruity, fresh and woody components, and by far, the highest longevity that I’ve gotten to experience with ANY perfume.Unfortunately for me, I have never been able to find a similar aroma yet – but if you do know, pleaaaase let me know too!!

  5. Calvin Klein – Eternity for Women ck-eternity
    Aaah… the ever wonderful range of Calvin Klein Scents! While I do love almost all their perfumes, I am and will forever be a little biased towards their original ‘Eternity’ – for both, men and women.This is the kind of perfume you’d want to associate with your caregiver. By that, I don’t necessarily mean your Mama or your Nanny… what I do intend to mean is that this is a very soothing, very comforting scent that would probably even toddlers associate with safety and care. So if you’re feeling like your loving, caring self – a little more so on some days – then you NEED a bottle of Eternity for women in your perfume collection.
  6. Davidoff Coolwater – Sea Rose
    True to its name, the first time you smell this perfume, it feels like these two uncanny elements – the sea and the rose – have always had an association. Gently balanced between the freshness of the sea and the subtle power of the rose, this perfume is best suited for days out with your girl friends or a loved one. But on the other hand, this is not an evening perfume at all – unless you’ve run out of all your other perfumes, of course! 😀
  7. Giorgio Armani – Si
    This is the perfume that has earned me the most number of compliments from people across the bench! People of all ages have smelled my perfume when they lean in for a hug or sit close to me, taken a deep breath and gone “woooow!”When I first smelled this perfume, I remember not liking it.. but a few minutes after I left the store, I needed to correct my hair and when my hand swept past my face, I remember thinking “Oh My Goodness! I smell like candy – without smelling like something to eat!” What followed of course, was me running back to the store and buying one of these and voila! I’ve been showered in compliments ever since.

    The Armani – Si, is your goody-two-shoes meets girl-boss. Soft and gentle, yet knows what she wants. Pretty much, I’d say the perfume is one of the best I’ve tried among women’s perfumes, ever.


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