Christopher Kane Spring & Summer 2019

This season, we highly recommend that you look out for the collections of Christopher Kane and we’re sure you will love it as much as we do!


An amazing range of clothes that cater to everybody, the pieces of the collection are as much for those who dare to try new looks, as for those who want to take a more conservative approach to life. The construction of the pieces is not only beautiful, but they are also well styled and allow for great versatility in styling by the individual too!From sporty and chic and fun, all the way to formal and even some very flirty pieces and some graphic t-shirts too (thrown in for good measure), there are numerous pieces that allow us to say, “I Would SO wear that!!” Yet, the collection is also as unpredictable as it is simplistic, which is a great combination for the season.


The single biggest highlight we thought was great was how, in this collection, sheers are made to look classy – not crassy. But if we had to choose the one thing that made the collection special were the hidden drapes in a lot of pieces that you can notice only on paying close attention to the details.


Speaking of details, of all the collections we saw, this was one of the collections we loved the accessories on – not to mention their stunning shoes and bejeweled details. We could not get enough of the collection and from the looks of it, this season, so will no one else!


Essentially, this is not a collection you should miss out on at all! It has jewels, sportiness, formal wear, fun/chic elements and yet, it is functional, optimistic and even metallic at the same time! So don’t forget to take a look at the collection and we can’t to see more from this brand!


Overall Impression – 9.5/10

Favourite Pieces – Denim dress, Bejeweled Pieces, “Foreplay” clutch, LBD with a single jewel, Diamond clutch, ALL THEIR SHOES, the sheer pieces!!


That’s about it from our end for this one, folks! We are eager to know what you think, so feel free to let us know!

Here is the link to the video of this collection – and we’ll catch you in the next one!



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Erdem Spring & Summer 2019

Known for their classy pieces and sophisticated touch in their pieces, this time’s collection of Erdem was a little bit of a let-downer. Where there wasn’t anything fundamentally ‘wrong’ with it, it lacked the power and punch that usually puts a smile on our faces.


Though there still were power-suits and very British pieces, there was something surely amiss from this collection. Were they the veiled hats, or the (literal) ruffles and pink bows – that we cannot say for sure; but what we can us that it reminded us of ancient barbies trying to be modern women with no guidance whatsoever.


In defense of the brand, their fabrics and the materials used were beautiful and the prints, eclectic; but sadly, that’s more often than not, not enough to get the best reviews from critics.


The saddest part about the show was that there was nothing remarkable enough to write home about. Worse, in a sense, was that watching the show was like watching a time-lapse of period dramas with a lot of gory details left out.


With a lot of people admitting that the number of veiled faces used was unnecessary, everyone admitted that the inconsistency of the styling throughout the showcase did not work in the favour of the brand.


Basically, if you’re looking for a season that you need to work extra hard to tone down – and/or have a superhuman ability to tone even the flashiest of pieces down, Erdem is your brand for the season. If not, we’ll help you keep looking until they help us with a better collection!


Overall Impression – 4.5/10

Favourite Pieces – None; but we love the fabrics – not the designs.


That’s about it from our end for this one, folks! We are eager to know what you think, so feel free to let us know!  

Here is the link to the video of this collection – and we’ll catch you in the next one!



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Victoria Bekham Spring & Summer 2019

Ten years after launching the brand, this year Victoria Bekham showcased her first ever runway collection and we couldn’t be more excited for it. The once pop-star turned designer may not have gone to fashion school – but she definitely grew to be one of the most famous British designers of the generation; and of course, not without good reason.


The collection presented was cohesive as well as diverse. Pairing lace with formal wear, bright hued clothes – her collection spoke of Summer and everything one can easily associate with it, without being too flashy about it. With styles that are both fun and summerlike to workwear that is sophisticated and smart, Bekham’s collection has nothing trashy. A couple of sensibly bold designs, some peek-a-boo panels in the clothes and a phenomenal use of materials in repeat have all made this collection something aspirational, yet attainable.


All said and done, it is hard to imagine one girl wearing all of those clothes. Yet, the collection surely has something for every member of a girl gang – so we may not have a “VB girl” but we can all be VB girls of some sort.


Overall Impression – 7/10

Favourite Pieces – White Lace Shirt with Formals; all the Black Pieces; Gowns


That’s about it from our end for this one, folks! We are eager to know what you think, so feel free to let us know!


Here is the link to the video of this collection – and we’ll catch you in the next one!


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The Basics of Heels

Hello there! 🙂

If you’re new to my blog, Welcome! And if you’re a regular reader, welcome back! Now, if you’re anyone who knows me even remotely, you’ll know how fond I am of wearing and admiring heels. That said I know a lot of people who need either info about or a refresher in the kinds of heels there are. However, before getting into the deets though, I promise you, dear reader that this is no rocket science . So, with no further fuss – let’s get straight to it 😀


1. Stilettos classic-stilettos

There’s a reason why they’re classic – these super genius creations can be worn for any
occassion, with any clothes and they’ll just be perfect. If you don’t own a comfortable pair of these beauties yet, I’m sorry! Stop reading this (Right Now!!!!!!), and go get yourself a pair.

(PS: So long as you’re not being too bold in your choice of colour based on the occassion, these are pretty much the safest bet there can be 🙂 )

2. Peeptoes peeptoe-stilettos

Well, while your Stillettos say “I mean business” like no other shoes, for relatively more laid-back-yet-serious approaches, Peeptoes are your BFFs. Of course, this is not the main reason why you should wear Peeptoes! The main reason? Showing off your UUUUUber-Fabulous pedicure, of course!!

Peeptoes come in all shapes, sizes, textures, colours and levels of comfort. Take a pick and voila! You’re ready to take on the world!! 🙂

3.  Wedges wedges

Can’t afford to take the risk of pointy heels that ring the knells of terror (especially for people like me), owing to unpredictable or bad terrain, a hella lotta walking or both, besides unforeseeable circumstances?

Don’t worry – you can rely on wedges to sail your way right through! Being flat, these babies not only protect you from the dangers of twisting your foot in the case of a mishap, these are also relatively easier on your back! Available in any type and range to suit your need, not having a good pair of wedges is almost as bad as not eating chocolate 😛


So there you go folks! Back to the basics of heels. Hope this helps! 🙂

If you’d like to know more about the history of heels and iconic moments within the niche of fashion footwear, either let me know in the comments below; or email me at

To know more about the do’s and don’ts of wearing heels, stay tuned – the post should come around sometime soon.

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Until we meet again,

Keep Calm and Stay Fashionable.


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