Simone Rocha Spring & Summer 2019

Oscillating between well made shapes in the clothes and having as much shape as a shower curtain draped on a girl, the collection of Simone Rocha for Spring and Summer of 2019 has quite the extremes and none in between them.


The biggest problem addressed first, we couldn’t understand who the woman or women wearing these clothes were, where she/they could possibly be going and what their objective of wearing these clothes were. While we couldn’t come to a conclusive answer ourselves, we sincerely hope the designers did; though given the collection, it’s hard to say.


The good ones in the collection – the clothes that look like they were designed for 2018 – are quite wearable, commercial and appropriate for a lot of formal events and for those who like to be more conservative with their formal-wear. They are even good enough to be seen on page 3 socialites and celebrities, no doubt.


On the flip side, however, there are also designs that look like recycled throwaways from the 1920s, somewhere in the world and even our grandmothers would probably frown at their make and shape – if not for the cloth or material itself.


While we have no problem with conservative collections at all (and would personally love to see some good, show less skin fashion along with dresses that do expose some skin), it is important not to make such pieces not look old, matronly or costume like; much worse, all three.


To us, there were some pieces in this showcase that we would love to own and wear – and some that we sincerely hope we never have to see again. Until next season, when we hope we will see a better collection from Simone Rocha, we are going to go and swing between loving and hating these pieces.


Overall Impression – 6/10

Favourite Pieces – the rose petals on black, the red with white florals, the classic white with a veiled hat. 

That’s about it from our end for this one, folks! We are eager to know what you think, so feel free to let us know!


Here is the link to the video of this collection – and we’ll catch you in the next one!



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