Temperley London Spring & Summer 2019

One of our absolute favourite collections from this year’s London Fashion Week, Temperley London is clearly a home player and in this arena, there aren’t too many to rival them. Here is why:


The collection itself is very cohesive and impeccably styled, but more than that, it has beautiful colours and designs which in one look tell us: Summer is here. The theme carries throughout the collection and there is nothing more that we could ask for in this well constructed showcase.


The clothes, that is the pieces themselves, may not be for the faint hearted, but they are highly functional. Mostly in prints and slightly loud for those who prefer the softer trend, the pieces are great investments and a timelessness about them that our granddaughters will love too.


In all, the collection is vibrant and usable by real women – there are aspirational pieces and ones that make us say, “I could wear that to my next Sunday brunch.” And – if not us, there is someone we know who would absolute justice to each of the pieces in this collection.


So, if you want to look at something which is fun, summer-like and casual, you need to look no further for inspiration and aspiration alike – from Temperley. This is all we want from a “Spring Summer” collection and more!


Overall Impression – 9.5/10

Favourite Pieces – All of them!!

That’s about it from our end for this one, folks! We are eager to know what you think, so feel free to let us know!


Here is the link to the video of this collection – and we’ll catch you in the next one!


YourEverydayFashionBlog ❤


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