Victoria Bekham Spring & Summer 2019

Ten years after launching the brand, this year Victoria Bekham showcased her first ever runway collection and we couldn’t be more excited for it. The once pop-star turned designer may not have gone to fashion school – but she definitely grew to be one of the most famous British designers of the generation; and of course, not without good reason.


The collection presented was cohesive as well as diverse. Pairing lace with formal wear, bright hued clothes – her collection spoke of Summer and everything one can easily associate with it, without being too flashy about it. With styles that are both fun and summerlike to workwear that is sophisticated and smart, Bekham’s collection has nothing trashy. A couple of sensibly bold designs, some peek-a-boo panels in the clothes and a phenomenal use of materials in repeat have all made this collection something aspirational, yet attainable.


All said and done, it is hard to imagine one girl wearing all of those clothes. Yet, the collection surely has something for every member of a girl gang – so we may not have a “VB girl” but we can all be VB girls of some sort.


Overall Impression – 7/10

Favourite Pieces – White Lace Shirt with Formals; all the Black Pieces; Gowns


That’s about it from our end for this one, folks! We are eager to know what you think, so feel free to let us know!


Here is the link to the video of this collection – and we’ll catch you in the next one!


YourEverydayFashionBlog ❤

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