JW Anderson Spring & Summer 2019

This year, the J W Anderson collection is for you if you like unusual but clean drapes in seemingly luxurious material. With unusual construct and some phenomenal individual pieces, we can’t deny there was something amiss from the collection.


Although the styling was uniform and there were some great commercially viable pieces, the collection failed to make us go “Wow – We need to get our hands on this!” Despite that, there were some lovely dresses and a very sensible use of blocks and panels in the designs.


In defense of the brand, they had some interesting footwear designs in the showcase, even though their models looked a little too matronly for the modern customer – no matter what age she might be. On the upside, they were able to capture and use some beautiful button designs to their benefit.


In all, the collection presented was nothing to write home about. Sure – as a brand, they have a lot of scope with those customers who like to be unique and unlike the others in their style. However, is this JW Anderson collection for everyone? Not really – and certainly not when at the end of the show, the audience is still wondering “Who is the J W Anderson girl?”


Overall Impression – 6/10

Favourite Pieces – only one or two memorable ones; personal choice of spectator


That’s about it from our end for this one, folks! We are eager to know what you think, so feel free to let us know!

Here is the link to the video of this collection – and we’ll catch you in the next one!



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